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Reference: 7610136600505

Brand: Scientis Pharma

Intense Cysteamine Depigmenting Cream 50mg

Cysteamine Cream® is the new depigmenting cream for hyperpigmentation problems. The new ingredient is cysteamine. Naturally present in human cells, cysteamine reduces melanin in the epidermis of the skin. For the first time, cysteamine is applied in a topical depigmenting cream: Cysteamine Cream®

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Reference: 3518646023224

Brand: Laino

100% natural green clay 300g

Laino super fine green clay, rich in magnesium and trace elements, can be used as a beauty mask on the face to absorb excess sebum, eliminate impurities, purify and rebalance the skin. It acts on injuries such as cuts, burns, or on mild traumas such as sprains and strains. It also acts on all types of skin infections such as ulcerations or abscesses.

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Reference: 3700695221205

Brand: Santé Verte

Nutralgic muscle relaxant spray 100ml

The relaxing Nutralgic spray helps soothe and relax muscles thanks to its composition of essential oils recognized for their soothing and relaxing properties. It helps relax muscle tension. Its non-greasy, non-sticky and non-staining touch makes it easier to use. It is also suitable for athletes before and / or after exercise.

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Reference: 3401399373466

Brand: Bioderma

Atoderm nourishing cream 500ml

Atoderm nourishing cream brings immediate and lasting comfort to skin presenting flaking, itching, tightness and feelings of discomfort. It provides intense hydration and protects very dry and sensitive skin.

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Reference: 3435171571009

Brand: Quies

Anti-snoring nasal dilator

The Quies anti-snoring nasal dilator gently spreads the wings of the nose to improve air flow and provide greater breathing comfort. It decreases snoring, decreases nasal congestion that can be caused by colds or allergies, facilitates breathing during the night for a more restful sleep and also facilitates inhalation and exhalation of air through the...

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Reference: 3596490004071

Brand: Rogé Cavailles

Deodorant Intense LP Roll-on

When sweating becomes excessive, it can become bothersome, even a real handicap ... Discover the Intense-LP Extended-Release Deodorant! The result of Cavaillès research, its exclusive technology incorporates micro-capsules that continuously release their active ingredients and control the flow of perspiration from the sweat glands. Clinically proven...

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Reference: 3518646213120

Brand: Gilbert

Bactidose Hand Hygiene Gel Aloe Vera 75ml

Gilbert Bactidose Hand Hygiene Gel 75ml is a hydroalcoholic hand gel which allows quick cleaning and disinfection of the hands without any rinsing. This gel contains moisturizing agents to prevent drying of the hands after using the gel.

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