The best for my wife, for me and my children.

This Online store is born from this approach that we had these to young French gentelmen , Idir and Gilles. Two young dads addicts of products from their beloved France.

“You see, we are always looking for the best products, for us or for our kids!”

“We spend hours searching for them on the Internet, in stores or even in specialized shops whereas we would only have to reference them on a platform which everybody could have access to!”

Idir and I are always looking for the “Best Quality” and we deeply believe that a structure providing this kind of service could become indispensable, especially where the “confidence” index really matters.”

“Does it existe?”


“Let’s create it!”


France Mall was born!

Today, we wish to be able to provide French products to Internet Worldwide users. A Made In France knowledge framed by control, tracking and last but not least a “Fair Price Policy”.

We do not have the ambition to revolutionize the E-Commerce, but we want to prove to The Internet population that Ethic, Trust and Respect could go along, even when we talk Business. The added value of France Mall is a creation of a bridge that connects Internet users with craftsmen, manufacturers, suppliers, laboratories…All those high degrees of expertise united around the French “SAVOIR FAIRE”.

France Mall wishes you a nice MADE IN FRANCE experience