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Venous comfort

Venous comfort

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Reference: 3401377108974

Brand: Iprad Santé

Rap Phyto Light Legs Cream 100ml

Rap Phyto cream is a soothing treatment specially formulated for a prolonged massage with an immediate relaxing effect on tired and heavy legs. For a fresh application, place the cream in the refrigerator.

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Reference: 3428883637002

Brand: Herbesan

Organic circulation infusion 20 sachets

The Herbesan organic circulation infusion with blackcurrant-raspberry flavor is recommended for people with poor venous circulation. It is based on blackcurrant which facilitates good circulation, hibiscus which stimulates elimination and horse chestnut, red vine and raspberry for the flavor and for their participation in the organoleptic balance of the...

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Reference: 5060072733799

Brand: Santé Verte

Circulymphe 30 tablets

Circulymphe is a food supplement based on red vine recommended for a good functioning of the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. It is formulated with red vine which supports circulation, selenium and vitamin E which has anti-oxidant properties and vitamin C also anti-oxidant and also participating in the formation of collagen for healthy blood...

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