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Flat belly

Flat belly

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Reference: 3595890217197

Brand: XLS Médical

Extra strength 120 tablets

XLS extra strength is a complete and innovative medical device used for weight loss or control. The fat sensor has the effect of reducing the number of calories absorbed, especially those from dietary fat and slow or fast sugars. This is to maintain regular physical activity and a balanced diet while taking the treatment.

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Reference: 3428883638009

Brand: Herbesan

Organic flat stomach infusion 20 sachets

Herbesan organic flat stomach lemon infusion sachets are flavored with coriander. They contain 4 plants from organic farming which contribute to the intestinal balance promoting a flat stomach, green tea, coriander which has an action on the balance of gases and lemon for its participation in the organoleptic balance of the phytocomplex. It is advisable...

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Reference: 3760302220281

Good Slim Boost slimming weight loss 60 gums

The Good Slim Boost Slimming food supplement is recommended for losing weight and keeping the figure. It is made up of plants, minerals and vitamins. It contains mate extract, L-Carnitine, elderberry, chicory powder and vitamins C and B6. It comes in the form of gums.

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