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Reference: 3504105030476

Brand: Mustela

Dermo-protective liniment 400ml

Mustela dermo-protective liniment is an ideal care for the care of the seat and the toilet of babies from birth with extra virgin olive oil. It gently cleanses, prevents redness of the seat, nourishes the skin and forms a protective film isolating the skin from attacks linked to the friction of the diapers and to humidity.

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Reference: 3700225602030

Insect Shield 100ml

The Insect Shield Spray 'Pediakid is a repellent spray that naturally repels mosquitoes and other bites. In case of sting, it soothes the skin and reduces itching, redness and swelling. It is formulated without insecticides and alcohol. Soft and soothing to the skin, it has a fresh and pleasant scent. This spray provides protection for 8 hours.

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